•        We can provide photographs related to topics of
    Anthropology, Archaeology, sociology, geography, and
    natural history, suitable for publication in textbooks,
    general books, articles, post cards, calendars, Internet
    sites, CD-ROMs, DVDs, and other forms of print and on-
    line media.

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  •        All photographs displayed on this site are low
    resolution images.  Hi-Resolution images, suitable for
    printing and publication, will be provided upon the  
    agreement reached between the photographer and the
    purchaser of leasing rights.  This agreement will specify
    cost of leasing the photograph ( s ), and the terms and
    conditions of leasing.  Photographs can be provided as e-
    mail attachments, or burned onto CD-ROMS, and sent via
    priority U. S. mail , Fed Ex or U. P. S.

  •        Non-exclusive, one time only use rights will be
    granted by the photographer, unless otherwise stipulated
    in the agreement.

  •        All published photographs (unless otherwise
    indicated) will display the following credit line:          
    ©Barry D. Kass/ImagesofAnthropology.com

  •        For leasing inquiries, further information and price
    quotes contact:  
Barry D. Kass (press CONTACT ME button on the navigation bar )..